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  • Covid-19 and Poaching

    Covid-19 and Poaching

    How this pandemic temporarily stopped unnecessary killings of wild animals. So, at this point, it’s pretty much not news anymore that Covid-19 has positively affected our environment and slightly slowed down the effects of global warming. According to European Environment Agency: · greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced,· air quality has improved drastically,· noise pollution in…

  • Seestadt Vienna: A Dream or Reality?

    Seestadt Vienna: A Dream or Reality?

    Vienna’s 22nd district is undergoing a change with its developing new urban centre. Seestadt is designed to be a smart city, and according to aspern, it is with its 5 billion investment value, space for more than 25,000 future residents, and 20,000 potential workplaces one of Europe’s largest development projects. All fine and well, but…

  • Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day!

    April 22nd – also known as Earth Day. Let’s take this time to remember how wonderful, amazing and yet fragile our planet is. Let’s take a moment to thank Earth for giving us a place to live, for giving us air to breathe, for giving us food to eat, for being a place where we…

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