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  • Green Spots of Sardinia

    Green Spots of Sardinia

    Plenty to see, great food to enjoy, delicious beer to quench your thirst, and many natural attractions to explore – we’re talking about none other than Sardinia! Are you (considering) travelling to this stunning treasure of Italy’s islands and want some recommendations for green destinations? To put it simply: the whole of Sardinia is one…

  • Green Spots of Barcelona

    Green Spots of Barcelona

    When it comes to this Catalonian cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona is a city to visit at least once in your life. Boasting with colourful buildings, ripe orange trees, unique landscape design and artists on every corner, it’s impossible for the Barcelonian charm to not crawl into your heart.  We’ve had a chance for a quick escape…

  • Tengia: Where the Grass is Greener than Green

    Tengia: Where the Grass is Greener than Green

    The perfect escape from busy citylife into nature. It’s no secret Switzerland is full of high mountains, green grass, pristine water sources, and beautiful scenery wherever your eyes go. This is further emphasized in a quaint little village, just a two-hour car drive from Zurich. It’s a place where nature seems intact, where mushrooms grow…

  • 5 Myths About Vienna & Nature Debunked

    5 Myths About Vienna & Nature Debunked

    Is Vienna a green haven, or a grey juncture? Just like any other big city with a high number of citizens, Vienna is bound to get a reputation of a “grey capital”. But is that true, or can a metropolis still provide a green experience for its residents? In case you’re not from Europe, Vienna…

  • Incredible Iceland: 5 Things That Amazed Me

    Incredible Iceland: 5 Things That Amazed Me

    I recently visited Iceland – the magical land of fire and ice. The nature, the people, the atmosphere was something I have never experienced before. There were moments when I just had to stop and look, not able to say anything out of pure amazement of what our nature is actually capable of. I stayed…

  • Magic in the Forests

    Magic in the Forests

    Is there anything more magical than a forest? Say what you will, but I think there is a certain mystique surrounding forests. Whenever I am troubled by something, a simple walk in the forest is enough to calm me down. Whether is the woody smell of trees or the fresh smell of grass after the…

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