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  • Why Your Dog Should Be Your Biggest Motivation

    Why Your Dog Should Be Your Biggest Motivation

    “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” — J. W. Stephens Anyone who has ever owned a dog will tell you they’re the most generous, loving, kind and overall amazing beings. They see past our flaws and somehow have this amazing ability to see only the best parts of us. So why is this important?…

  • Dogs’ Personalities Make Them Unique

    Dogs’ Personalities Make Them Unique

    They are like us — only four-legged 🙂 Chihuahuas are loud. Beagles are stubborn. Pit bulls are dangerous. Bulldogs are lazy. Rottweilers are hard to control. These are just some of many stereotypical characteristics assigned to various dog breeds. Who decided on these?  Dogs are living beings, there is no black-or-white type of situation when…

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