Green Spots of Sardinia

Plenty to see, great food to enjoy, delicious beer to quench your thirst, and many natural attractions to explore – we’re talking about none other than Sardinia!

Are you (considering) travelling to this stunning treasure of Italy’s islands and want some recommendations for green destinations? To put it simply: the whole of Sardinia is one giant green spot! Wherever you go, you definitely won’t be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our 5 favourite green spots of Sardinia:

1. Pedra Longa — Rock with a View

There are two options to reach this destination: first, you drive there, second, you hike there. We recommend the second. 

The “hike” is a scenic, easy walk on the sunny side of a mountain, next to the sea. Start your way at Santa Maria Navarrese and take the trail. It takes about 1-1,5 hours, and there is plenty to sea (pun intended!). From amazing views, beautiful trees and plants, to goats chilling on rocks – 1,5 hours will feel like nothing!

Blink and you might miss the goat 🙂

To find more about this fascinating rock Pedra Longa, which is in reality a part of the mountain that has fallen from the surrounding cliff, read here.

2. Timi Ama Beach — Flamingo Observation

Although Sardinia is full of many beautiful beaches, this one was by far a gem in our eyes! With its rock formations, sandy beach, clear water and plenty of grass, it was a perfect sight upon which we could rest our eyes.

Being in a windy spot, it’s a perfect place for windsurfers and a popular place for flamingos.

Whatever your expectations may be of a beach day, it’s safe to say Timi Ama Beach will fulfil them.

3. Ulassai — A Climbing Heaven

Ulassai is a small, picturesque village on the East of the island.

Surrounded by green forests, waterfalls, impressive views, and unique rock formations, this colourful village is a popular destination among free climbers.

It’s a perfect spot to visit, explore, and take in all of the beauty that Sardinia has to offer.

4. Barumini — Pride of UNESCO

Su Nuraxi di Barumini is a UNESCO-protected archaeological site, dating all the way back to the Bronze Age.

Why is it so impressive? Because it consists of nuraghi defensive structures, which you can enter and explore with a tour guide.

Find out more about the history of this impressive site here.

5. Gairo Vecchio — The Forgotten City

Another spot to see on the East side of Sardinia is Gairo Vecchio – a small village, abandoned in 1963 due to a series of floods. It’s a place to explore (with caution, as the structures are old and damaged!), take in the architecture, wander through the gardens, and enjoy the stunning view of the valley.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gairo Vecchio’s history and its surroundings, we recommend reading this post by Strictly Sardinia. 

Sardinia Calling…

There’s more to Sardinia than just beaches (albeit stunning!). If we wanted to go through all of them, this post would have gone on forever. However, through sheer will, we managed to narrow it down to these five best green spots!

We hope you enjoyed this post and if you’re considering visiting Sardinia, this is your sign to book the tickets – it’s worth going to this magical island at least once in your lifetime 🙂

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What has been your favourite destination worldwide so far?


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  1. Your post was definitely inspiring. We would love to visit all of the places you covered as they tick all of our “destination preference” boxes. Thanks so much for your insight and wonderful photos.

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    1. Thank you for reading and for this lovely comment! 🙂

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