Green Spots of Barcelona

When it comes to this Catalonian cosmopolitan capital, Barcelona is a city to visit at least once in your life.

Boasting with colourful buildings, ripe orange trees, unique landscape design and artists on every corner, it’s impossible for the Barcelonian charm to not crawl into your heart. 

We’ve had a chance for a quick escape from Viennese winter into the warm(er) streets of Barcelona in early January, and below we created a list of recommendations of spots to visit when wanting to travel green even on a city trip – although, rest assured, Barcelona is full of green spots!

Here are some of our favourite places:

1. Park Guell

Of course, a no-brainer. Anyone who calls themself a traveller associates the word ‘Barcelona’ with Park Guell. It is a must-see once there, and of course, we had to do the same!

The park really surpassed our expectations. Full of colourful buildings and statues, greenery and perfect scenery, the park is an embodiment of Mediterranean life. Buzzing with birds, with buskers singing, painting or performing flamenco, and the sunshine kissing your face, it feels like you’re walking into a completely new world. It is a place where you can relax, absorb it all in, and appreciate that you have the ability to travel to and see places like this. 

And don’t get us started on Gaudí ‘s marvellous creations! To say it left us speechless would be an understatement. 

And what was even better is the fact that there is a fully functional school placed in the heart of the park. Imagine going to a place like that to learn – lucky kids! Not only does the school bring a sense of life and joy into the park, but it stands as a testament that the park is functional and living up to the goal set for it from the start: that the park was first and foremost created for its citizens. 

2. Barcelona Botanical Garden

This one is (unfairly!) a bit of an underdog. Hidden on the Montjuïc hill is a gorgeous botanical garden that combines plants from various corners of the world. Walking in there feels like magic. Beautiful plants from tropical and exotic places, as well as cute birds chirping away, will make you want to stay there forever. And if you’re a palms fan, even better – plenty of those in there!

For a special surprise, don’t skip out on their bonsai exhibition! 

And like we said, as the garden is less popular among the Barcelona visitors, that means fewer tourists in the park and more space for yourself! Extra bonus 🙂

3. Barceloneta Beach

This world-famous Barceloneta beach. It definitely can live up to its name. 

What better than watching a sunset on a warm day on an incredible beach, with live music from local buskers and enjoying company of Spaniards soaking in the beauty of Barcelona?

Don’t be deceived by this cute face, his eyes have already locked a target on your snack 🙂

Amazing vibe, beautiful scenery, great company and the fragrance of the fresh salty sea – what could be better? Truly a perfect place to unwind, relax and appreciate the moment of now. 

Just a tip: if you bring a snack, make sure it’s hidden from seagulls or they will form an elaborate plan on how to get it for themselves! Speaking from experience 🙂

4. Port Cable Car

Take a cable car from Montjuïc hill over the harbour of Barcelona to the Sebastià tower in Barceloneta to soak in all of the beauty of Barcelona.

Built in 1931, its cable cars are in their old-fashioned kind of way extremely cute and from their high vantage point offer an amazing 360° view of Barcelona – its signature streets on one side and the clear blue sea on the other side. 

The journey takes around 15 minutes (minus waiting in line) and it’s one of the must-dos when visiting Barcelona. Give it a try!

5. Roots & Rolls


Last but not least, something for your stomach to enjoy!

This one is not so much a spot to explore, as it is a place for your stomach to explore. We wanted to include it on the list, as it was undoubtedly one of the highlights and a rare find of the trip. And I mean, everyone gets hungry, right? 

I seriously don’t exaggerate when I say I haven’t had such good sushi in my life since becoming vegan. The restaurant is completely plant-based, offering all kinds of creative plant-based sushi. This was the first time for me that sushi actually tasted like tuna or salmon.

The tastes they create are unique, genuine, fresh, and super yummy. Even if you’re non-vegan, we recommend giving it a go, as their cuisine is truly unforgettable and completely mouth-watering. 

Barcelona is great!

There you have it; 5 of our top spots in Barcelona. If you plan to visit this Catalonian beauty, definitely give some of these – if not all! – a go.

What are your favourite (perhaps not so known) green spots? Let us know, we would love to hear it from you 🙂


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