Vegan Food in Vienna: Ultimate Guide

Vegan Vienna Guide

Vienna is a gold mine of vegan food. You can go to pretty much any restaurant, shop, market, café, bar, or bakery without any fear – most of them have at least one vegan option in their assortment (and no, it’s not just a salad!).

Below is a compiled list of our favourite “vegan” destinations:

1. Fresh Produce, Vegetables, Spices

For cooking your own delicious meal with fresh, healthy ingredients, we recommend visiting the following food markets:

Raritteten Eck 

Located in the 5th district, this shop offers bio and seasonal food, grown on their own farm. It’s full of vibrant, colourful, fresh-smelling and incredibly tasty vegetables, fruits, jams, even honey. Hidden in a corner shop, it’s definitely a rare gem to discover!


From carrots to almonds, this market has all the products you have – and have not yet – seen. Full of fresh produce from local farms, as well as exotic food, this market is located in the 6th district.

And even better, it’s surrounded by numerous cosy cafes, bars and restaurants, offering you a perfect resting place for when you get tired from all the vegetable buying!

Pexels/Mark Stebnicki

2. Breakfast & Brunch

In the mood for yummy breakfast or brunch? See below for our recommendations:


Located in the 7th district and in close distance to the popular Neubaugasse, Liebling is a cosy and minimalistic café with plenty of food options.

We recommend ordering a cappuccino with oat milk, vegan pancakes and fresh orange juice for a great start to your day. And if you crave something even sugary, try one of their amazing vegan brownies.

Cafe Harvest

Three words: all-you-can-eat vegan buffet.

This café is a proper heaven for hungry vegans, as everything is vegan and for one price you can eat as much as you can. From sweet to savoury, you’ll leave this place with a couple of kilograms more to your name.

Just remember to book a place in advance, as the café is rather small and very popular. 

Café Jelinek   

If you’re in the mood only for coffee, fear not; you can get coffee with some kind of plant-based milk pretty much everywhere, excluding the traditional Vienesse cafes. The exception though is this cafe, located in the 6th district. It is a very traditional café offering traditional Viennese coffee, food, and desserts.

However, we have some good news: their menu has been modernised! Their breakfast menu offers a variety of vegan food, and we definitely recommend trying scrambled vegan eggs with a verlangerter – the perfect Austrian combination.

Pexels/Julia Avamotive

3. Lunch & Dinner

Hungry? Could eat a whole seitan cow? Head out to one of the restaurants below:

Le pho

One of our personal favourites, Le Pho brings Vietnamese cuisine to Vienna, offering anything from – you’ve guessed it – phos to sticky rice.

Located in the 6th district, with its lovely design and amazing flavours, it undoubtedly stands out!


This Nepalese restaurant, located in the 6th district, is one of a kind – sitting there, you are immediately transported from Vienna to the Nepalese cottage. And even better is the delicious yellow dahl with tofu, served on metal plates, making this experience even more authentic to its Nepalese roots.

Swing Kitchen

Looking for a unique vegan burger? Head to one of the Swing Kitchen chain restaurants, located all over Vienna. Their burgers taste less like fast food burgers, but instead more like fresh, vegan, tasty buns of pure joy. Also, we recommend trying Swing Kitchen nuggets, the flavour of which is eerily similar to the chicken ones.

Pexels/Zuriel Escobedo
Disco Volante

Located in the 6th district, this one is one of the more popular pizza places in Vienna, offering Neapolitan pizzas. Although there is only one vegan option available – pizza marinara – it is still one of the best vegan options in Vienna. Add some of their appetising Italian olives to the pizza, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Just make sure to book a table before going.


Looking for the best falafel sandwich in the city? Look no further; we definitely recommend visiting this little shop in the 14th district, where falafel, grilled vegetables, hummus and even bread all are home-made, making it a perfect vegan sandwich combo.

Pexels/Nataliya Vaitkevich

You’ve heard of bao and you’ve heard of a bar; put them together and you get Bao Bar! Located in the 2nd and 7th districts, their baos will truly leave you licking your fingers. There is one vegan option on the menu, with tofu in bao, but accompanied kimchi fries and edamame are of course vegan too. 


Typical Viennese food is all about würstel, schnitzel, cabbage and bread dumplings. Pretty much as non-vegan as it gets. However, this vegan restaurant in the 7th district offers just that: veganised Austrian cuisine!

Pexels/Jess Ho

Another fully vegan restaurants located in the 7th and 12th districts are these Vietnamese restaurant, where you can find typical Vietnamese dishes turned vegan; from seitan to tofu, the veganised food versions offer “grilled” duck, noodles, phos and much more. Definitely worth a visit.


Speaking of burgers, our favourite vegan one has to be in Hollerei, an all-vegetarian (vegan options available) restaurant in the 15th district. Their menu offers more than just burgers, though.

With the looks of an authentic Viennese restaurant and amazing plant-based dishes, this place won’t leave anyone with a frown on their face.


Asian restaurant in the 6th district is one of the best ones when it comes to serving homemade noodles. We recommend trying teriyaki tofu.

Pexels/Quang Nguyen Vinh

4. Desserts

In the mood for something sweet? Here are some of our favourite spots to satisfy even the strongest sugar craving:


This all-vegan ice-cream shop serves not only the standard flavours, such as chocolate and vanilla, but many other flavours left to the imagination. The best part: ice-cream really tastes like “normal” ice-cream, so even your non-vegan friends won’t be able to resist.

Shops are located all over Vienna.

the lala

Apart from offering quick lunch as well, this shop is more known for its sweet stuff: all-vegan cookies, cakes, smoothies and protein shakes. You can count on finding something good here./it never fails with providing something good.

Located in the 7th district.


This cosy cafe in the 6th district, just across Yak & Yeti, is a completely vegan sweet spot – their home-baked cakes, muffins, brownies will leave your tastebuds smiling (and maybe even craving more brownies!).


5. Take with You

For staying full even on the go, head to some of the below-mentioned destinations:


Anyone visiting Vienna has heard of Manner. Well, did you know that a lot of their products are actually vegan? Like original Manner Schnitten or Manner Praline. Since Manner originates from Vienna, there is no surprise that many of its stores are located all across the city; just head down to one and take some sweets with you – they also make a great gift.


Another one of Austrian chocolateries is Heindl. Like Manner, many of its stores are spread across the city. One of our favourite chocolates here at GreenBean is Choco Maroni – chestnuts covered in chocolate, amazing!

Ströck, ANKER, BackWerk

Looking for a quick snack? Strock, Anker and BackWerk are some of the more popular bakeries in Vienna, all of them offering vegan options as well! You can find their locations pretty much in every nook, cranny, corner and alley in Vienna.

Pexels/Mariana Kurnyk

6. Stores

Need groceries, but would prefer something special? Something vegan? You’re in luck – Vienna has those too!

Billa Pflanzilla

This year Billa, one of the bigger grocery store franchises in Austria, opened the very first all-vegan grocery store, called Billa Pflanzila. Located in the 7th district, it combines all of Billa’s vegan lines, along with tap-filling beer (if you’re Austrian, that’s very important :)). 

Pexels/Matheus Cenali
Maran vegan

Another all-vegan grocery shop is MaranVEGAN, a family-owned business in the 6th district. From fresh vegetables, beauty products, pet food, and cleaning products to – of course – food itself, each and every product in there is vegan. They also offer vegan lunch menus, changing daily, and a place to sit and eat. 


Prosi is a grocery chain, offering various exotic food. Located in the 7th district, Prosi holds certain exotic vegan products. Be it a hot sauce or mochi, you will surely find something new to try out.

Pexels/Alesia Kozik

So be without fear, Vienna for sure won’t leave your belly empty! Give it a try and visit some of the suggested places, we guarantee you will enjoy the food!

There’s only one thing left to finish this post – as the Austrians say: Mahlzeit!

Naturally, there are many many more vegan restaurants, cafes, shops and bars in Vienna; that’s the beauty of Vienna for vegans – you can pretty much go anywhere and find something good! But is there your favourite restaurant or vegan location in Vienna that you believe should be on this list? Let us know, we are always open to new suggestions and certainly more than happy to try out new places!   

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