5 Myths About Vienna & Nature Debunked

5 myths about Vienna and nature

Is Vienna a green haven, or a grey juncture?

Just like any other big city with a high number of citizens, Vienna is bound to get a reputation of a “grey capital”. But is that true, or can a metropolis still provide a green experience for its residents?

Vienna, 5th District

In case you’re not from Europe, Vienna is the capital of Austria, and is with its approx. 1,9 million inhabitants a city of many various cultures. And since Vienna has been named one of the most liveable cities in the world for the tenth time already, this comes as no surprise. However, as it is natural, with an increasing number of newcomers comes an increasing demand for housing, and in consequence a decrease in the city’s natural plots. 

So, can Vienna still sustain a healthy relationship with nature?

Since my one year of living in Vienna, I can say there is definitely more to it than meets the eye. 

Here are 5 of the most common myths I have come across from visitors and some of my own tips and opinions from my personal experience confirming that myths are sometimes just that – myths. 

1 Lack of Greenery

Yes, this is true – but only partially. Naturally, if you go looking for parks and forests in the strict centre of the city, you won’t find them. 

However, if you know where to look and what to look for, you might just be surprised. 

All districts and many neighbourhoods of Vienna incorporate in their infrastructure some kind of parks- mostly small, but parks nonetheless. 

If that’s not enough to satisfy your green craving, just a short U-Bahn away, there are many green options available. 16th district, for example, offers small forests with scenic views and monumental buildings, while the 21st and 22nd districts offer blue infrastructure (river, ponds, lakes, etc.) with intertwined modern parks and intact forests. 

2 No Fresh Food

A very common misconception, as you wouldn’t necessarily connect a metropolis with a farm. 

Yet, Vienna smartly utilises many of its tightest nooks and crannies and converts them to urban gardening plots, providing fresh food for those willing to grow their own food. 

Besides that, there are many fresh food markets, where you can buy food sourced a little outside of Vienna, from the producers themselves. Such is the most commonly known Naschmarkt, or a cosy market in the 5th district, called Raritäten-Eck

Vienna, 5th District

Plus, Vienna is known to be a very vegan-friendly city, with many restaurants offering a rich variety of vegan meals.

3 Not a Good Place for Dogs

Where will I walk my dog? Many dog owners can relate to this question, and rightfully so. Big cities are not particularly dog-friendly. 

Vienna, 14th District

And while I do agree that dogs should have more freedom and open spaces to run around, Vienna can brag about taking care of your four-legged friends. There are plenty of dog parks around, complete with a secure fence, doggy bags, and fresh water sources. Each district has at least two dog parks, but you can also see the full map here

4 Buildings Too High, There’s No Natural Sunlight

Vienna is one of those cities with the most beautiful skies and sunsets on any given day (just my humble opinion). Sure, the buildings are tall, but that’s just what makes it even more special. If you  follow the sunlight and look up, you can be sure to find some of the most beautiful sights. 

Vienna, 6th District

5  It’s Too Hot in Summer

Hot summers are not a surprise anymore for any city. The summer of 2022 was reportedly Europe’s hottest one so far. Heat islands are the new (unfortunate) reality, and Vienna is no exception. 

The good thing about this Austrian city though is the ability for residents to cool themselves in its river Donau, or many other ponds around, like Wienerberg or Kaiserwasser

The fact is, there is a reason why Vienna took home the title of The World’s Greenest City in 2020. Vienna may be, with its 415 km2, rightfully called a “big city”, but when walking through the city, you will notice the effort of its people to create their own green oasis. If you know where to look, you will surely not notice any lack of nature’s presence. 


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  1. Though I will never visit Vienna, I appreciate the glimpse of a very liveable city! Lovely photos. ❤

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    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading 😄

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