Happy Earth Day!

April 22nd – also known as Earth Day. Let’s take this time to remember how wonderful, amazing and yet fragile our planet is. Let’s take a moment to thank Earth for giving us a place to live, for giving us air to breathe, for giving us food to eat, for being a place where we can coexist with the wonderful creatures roaming the same place as us (yes, bugs included). Each and everyone of us is a part of this ecosystem, and as Dr. Jane Goodall once said:

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something,”

show your appreciation to our planet today by doing a small thing: 

  • hug a tree,
  • thank your garden for giving you food,
  • turn off the lights at your home (it’s quarantine time, all the burglars know you are at home), 
  • replace plastic bottles with a reusable glass/steel bottle (yay, an excuse to shop),
  • replace paper towels with a reusable kitchen towel,
  • become vegetarian/vegan for one day,
  • think twice about buying straws (you don’t really need them…),
  • try going zero waste for a day, 
  • etc. 

It’s the simple things that usually spark great changes, everything starts with the first step. 

Let’s celebrate Earth Day together. We love you, Earth ♥️


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