Magic in the Forests

Is there anything more magical than a forest?

Say what you will, but I think there is a certain mystique surrounding forests. Whenever I am troubled by something, a simple walk in the forest is enough to calm me down. Whether is the woody smell of trees or the fresh smell of grass after the soft rain or the chirping of the birds or the light that gets caught in the high treetops or the sound of your feet touching the gravel or the fresh, cool air that gently fills up your lungs when you take a deep breath, there definitely is certain magic hidden in the rich green and brown assembly of nature’s tools for keeping us alive.

For me, there is no better medicine, but a slow, relaxing run in the deep forest, just listening to the birds and the gravel beneath my feet and my own breathing.

In the forest, away from all the sounds of the city, I seem to find inner calm and time to think about the things that seem to trouble me. And surprisingly, I always come up with some sort of solution, that seems completely obvious now, but was somehow reluctant before to get to me. It must be the forests gods telling me everything will work out at the end – as it has so many times before 😉

My suggestion: next time you have troubles or something is worrying you, just take a short walk in the nature, relax, take a deep breath, enjoy being alive – everything will be all right; problems come and go, but the forest will always be there, willing to take stress away from your shoulders. 


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