Internet for a Good Cause

Did you know that you can help with donations without actually giving money?

Crazy, right?!

But you can! Da-dam, enter Tab for a cause!

It is a free platform where every time that you open a new tab you raise money via their (nonintrusive) advertisements. They donate at least 30% of the revenue to the organization of your choosing. Basically, you open tabs, earn hearts and then donate those hearts (aka small money donations) to various organizations; I usually go for Conservation International, which is working on helping to save nature, “to build a healthier, more prosperous and more productive planet.” (for more information about the organization click here: Conservation International.

If you spend more time on your phone than your computer, fear not, similar mobile app also exists. It’s called Ecosia, and works similarly as Tab for a cause, but instead of gaining hearts, through searches you help plant trees. You can also use it as a computer search engine though, just click on this link:

It only takes a few clicks, that’s it – as simple as that. So… ready, set, start clicking! 🙂


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