Graffiti, With Love

Street art is everywhere and the more I see different graffiti, the more I seem to like them: the colours, design, shape and most importantly the message they are portraying. Here are some photos of graffiti or street art that I have collected throughout my travels and are showing or hinting at the environmental crisis. I find them especially great, because they are a sign that people care, they were made with love for our planet.

  1. My new life motto:
Cologne, Germany

2. This one just melts my heart (penguins are the best!):

Lisbon, Portugal

3. Can you spot a “Go Vegan” sign in this ‘mess’ of street art?

Belgrade, Serbia

4. Shoutout to any Slovenians on this page (no, the location is not Slovakia):

Maribor, Slovenia

5. Couldn’t have said it better myself:

Ljubljana, Slovenia

6. So much greatness on a single trash bin:

Budapest, Hungary

7. 100% …

Budapest, Hungary

8. Exactly.

9. Just sitting in a window display:

Reykjavik, Iceland

10. This:

Graz, Austria

Just out of curiosity: which one is your favourite? Do you have any graffiti you would like us to see? Don’t be shy and comment down below 🙂


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