5 Ways to Reduce Your Consumer Impact on the Planet

Small steps lead to great actions.

Lately, all we seem to hear about is how badly we impact our planet. We cannot close our eyes from the negative effects we have on the environment that gives us life. Like it or not, the humans are mainly to blame, and it is great that this hot topic is finally getting the full attention it deserves, because each and every one of us has to do something in order to help protect our beautiful, wonderful, majestic Earth; every small act helps to contribute in a bigger scheme. So if you are someone who is just starting to realise the severity of this problem and would like to help out at least a bit, well, good news, there are many organisations working towards reducing the damage humans have caused to our big green and blue ball.

Here are a few of them:

  1. 4ocean

This company works on actively removing trash from the ocean and coastlines, gathering necessary resources through selling their original bracelets. And not only are their bracelets stylish and pretty, they represent something bigger: with every bracelet purchased the team behind this amazing movement removes one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.
Not a bracelet type person? No worries, their offer includes other amazing products, so make sure you check it out 😉

2. Flamingos’ Life

Shoes made out of plastic?! Is this the future? 

Yes, it’s true! This company creates shoes from 100% recycled plastic. And for every pair purchased, they plant 5 trees. Oh, and they don’t use any animal component for any of the shoes. Sounds perfect, right? What about the price and aesthetics? Very affordable (around 60 € a pair) and on top with modern trends. What else can I say, sounds like a shoe pair made in heaven. Definitely worth checking out!

3. BigBamBoo

This Serbian company offers a variety of eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable, made of bamboo and reusable mugs, lunch boxes, bowls and even children’s lunch sets. No excuses for using the plastic now 😉 also, a great idea for a birthday present.

4. Pela

Pela is a company that produces products made of environmentally sensible materials. If you want a guilt-free case for your phone, this is the company for you. And with selling their compostable phone cases and zero-waste screen protectors, they help raising funds for their Planet partners. This year, they are raising funds for protection of coastlines, oceans, parks and wild animals. 

5. Bios urn

This one is kind of peculiar, and not all will find the idea intriguing; however I love this idea, so I wanted to find out more about it. Basically, what they do: you can choose to grow as a tree after you die. The urn is made out of biodegradable materials, and it is built in the way that allows the growth of a tree or a plant when planted with your remains.

Just click on the website https://urnabios.com/urn/for more detailed information on how it works – it’s definitely worth checking it out! 

So here we are. Those are some of my favourite websites when it comes to saving our planet and I wanted to share them with you, because I love what these companies stand for. However, I do have to point out that this blog post was not sponsored by any of these companies. I just think they are awesome, and I think more people should know about them 🙂

If there are any other companies you would like us to know about, leave a comment below!


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