This blog was created with love for our beautiful nature. Articles are meant to remind us of how amazing, yet sometimes fragile our planet is, and that is up to us to show respect to it and try to protect it.

  • Dogs’ Personalities Make Them Unique

    They are like us — only four-legged 🙂 Chihuahuas are loud. Beagles are stubborn. Pit bulls are dangerous. Bulldogs are lazy. Rottweilers are hard to control. These are just some of many stereotypical characteristics assigned to various dog breeds. Who decided on these?  Dogs are living beings, there is no black-or-white type of situation when […]

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  • 5 Movies with Environmental Topic

    Movies to stream tonight. Summer has officially said goodbye for this year and the leaves have started to fall. You know what that means: MOVIE NIGHTS! And the best part – as the evenings are dark and cold, you can relax and watch your favourite movies guilt-free.  Don’t know what to watch tonight? We’ve got […]

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  • 20 Beautiful Quotes About Nature

    Need some “green” motivation, or simply want to reflect on the beauties of nature through written words? Following is a list of some of the famous quotes expressing significance of our planet: 1. “To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.” – Jane Austen 2. […]

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  • Covid-19 and Poaching

    How this pandemic temporarily stopped unnecessary killings of wild animals. So, at this point, it’s pretty much not news anymore that Covid-19 has positively affected our environment and slightly slowed down the effects of global warming. According to European Environment Agency: · greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced,· air quality has improved drastically,· noise pollution in […]

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  • Seestadt Vienna: A Dream or Reality?

    Vienna’s 22nd district is undergoing a change with its developing new urban centre. Seestadt is designed to be a smart city, and according to aspern, it is with its 5 billion investment value, space for more than 25,000 future residents, and 20,000 potential workplaces one of Europe’s largest development projects. All fine and well, but […]

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  • 12 Documentaries to Watch Right Now

    Many of us are still stuck in quarantine and if you’re like me, you are running out of ideas of watching something of quality and intelligence (something different from Tiger King). Hopefully this will help – a list of 12 visually-compelling, entertaining, clever, feel-good, making-you-sit-in-a-corner-rethinking- your-whole-life sort of documentaries. Some of them are about personal growth, […]

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  • Happy Earth Day!

    April 22nd – also known as Earth Day. Let’s take this time to remember how wonderful, amazing and yet fragile our planet is. Let’s take a moment to thank Earth for giving us a place to live, for giving us air to breathe, for giving us food to eat, for being a place where we […]

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  • Magic in the Forests

    Is there anything more magical than a forest? Say what you will, but I think there is a certain mystique surrounding forests. Whenever I am troubled by something, a simple walk in the forest is enough to calm me down. Whether is the woody smell of trees or the fresh smell of grass after the […]

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  • Internet for a Good Cause

    Did you know that you can help with donations without actually giving money? Crazy, right?! But you can! Da-dam, enter Tab for a cause! It is a free platform where every time that you open a new tab you raise money via their (nonintrusive) advertisements. They donate at least 30% of the revenue to the […]

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  • Graffiti, With Love

    Street art is everywhere and the more I see different graffiti, the more I seem to like them: the colours, design, shape and most importantly the message they are portraying. Here are some photos of graffiti or street art that I have collected throughout my travels and are showing or hinting at the environmental crisis. I […]

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  • The Dangers of Plastic Bags

    Every year, one trillion bags are used, equating to 2 million per minute. Did the number shock you? If so, good – the change has to start with you. Whenever you are in the store, ask yourself: “Do I really need this bag?”. I know what you are thinking: “I do not use that much plastic!“, or […]

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